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About Us

The foundation of a productive society is the success and wellbeing of individuals and families that make up that society. Harmony and peace are vital goals for ensuring a happy family life; however, domestic abuse poses a threat to many families inflicting wounds that are both physical and emotional in nature. Ultimately, the lack of early identification, prevention, and prompt intervention may lead to tragic losses of lives. Several such incidents within the Malayalee community prompted the formation of Empatia Global, an organization to focus on promoting family harmony among Malayalees and to create awareness about domestic abuse. 


We at Empatia Global want to educate and potentially change the lives of many Malayalees living around the world. With increasing cases of domestic abuse, it is imperative that we as a community take serious steps. It is our core belief that domestic violence is preventable and it is never the victim’s fault. We conduct several programs, both online and offline that includes web-based seminars, live events, newsletters, interactive website, as well as our presence in the social media. 


The number of domestic abuse cases has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic because most people are in their houses with comparatively less contact with the outside world. The current situation makes it less likely for relatives to check on their family members’ wellbeing making it more difficult for the victims to seek help from the outside world.


It is a need of the hour to spread awareness regarding the issue of domestic violence. Awareness is key because identifying domestic abuse as a significant societal problem is the first step in correcting it. Unfortunately, a lot of detrimental practices have been normalized by society, perpetuating abusive behavior and hampering efforts to bring about true cultural change. Adults are not the only ones affected and even small children can be victims of domestic abuse. A violence-free environment is crucial for children as they grow up. Moving forward a change is of utmost importance.

At Empatia Global, we want to help Malayalees globally and serve the community with servant leadership and extreme passion. Having key principles like trust, acceptance, and respect, Empatia Global is ready to help Malayalees across the globe through your support. We need your time and effort to spread the word so we can assist those who require our help.

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